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Welcome to Wellington & Reeves

In 1947, Roy Wellington and Alex Reeves, on the basis of a gentleman’s’ handshake, commenced a business which traded as Home Furnishing and Trading Company.

The business specialised in home furnishings, but was also Land and Estate Agents. The business traded from a building directly opposite the Old Post office on the corner of Stirling Terrace and Spencer Street.

The Post Office moved from Stirling Terrace to its current outlet on the corner of York Street and Grey Street East. It was decided to follow the trend and new premises were constructed on a vacant block at 197 York Street in 1961. Co-tenants of the new building, was a group of local doctors.

A change of name was the order of the day, and the business became known as Roy Wellington Alex Reeves Pty Ltd.

In 1965, John Morgan joined the firm and after successful dialogue between the firm and Home Building Society, Wellington & Reeves was appointed as the first Home Building Society Agency outside the Metropolitan area.

This was a remarkably successful venture and Wellington & Reeves won many prestigious awards over a quarter of a century, before Home Building decided to set up its own Branch.

In 1977, Graham Wellington joined the firm after studying Architecture for 3 years and project building for 10 years. He began in Sales and commenced studies for license status. In 1978, Dennis Wellington started with the business after a sales career in Perth and continued until 1986 when he embarked on a retailing career.

Roy Wellington and Alex Reeves unfortunately both passed on within a relatively short time of one another, both gentlemen serving their town and community admirably.

In 1986, it was decided to enter into a franchise agreement with L.J. Hooker to expand the Real Estate side of the business. The franchise continued until 1993, at which time the franchise ended and the business continued with its own name.

In February 1987, Barry Panizza joined the business, having had previous Real Estate and farming experience, the rural side of the business was once again expanded. His experience in all aspects of the industry and various business interests has helped develop the company’s broader interests.

The late 90’s saw a need for more training and expanded horizons, and as a consequence, the firm became a member of Ausnet. Ausnet is a very successful group of Independent Agents, pooling their knowledge and resources for all to benefit resulting in the establishment of the very successful ‘Mortgage Solutions Australia’.

In the early part of the 21 ST Century with over 50 years Real Estate experience between them, Graham and Barry undertook to consolidate Wellington & Reeves position in the City by increasing the sales team and expanding the Residential and Commercial Property Management sector.

In 2002 the company was in a position to purchase another rent role, which once again strengthened the position in property management.

Mid 2004 as property management had grown substantially, direction and development was required. With this in mind, Kathleen Mier with her flare and personality was brought into the business to manage the department and to offer all clients a better service.

A few months later, Graham Wellington announced he would be retiring and in July 2005 was farewelled at a function that espoused his loyalty and honesty to the company for the previous 28 years. Retirement was a little sooner than expected, but it was time for Graham to spend some quality time fishing and enjoying the good life.

After 67 years of family ownership, Barry and Kathleen were honoured to have the role of guiding the business into the future with a successful history, a quality team and the commitment to make sure the name Wellington and Reeves would be even more prominent for another 67 years and “The TRUSTED name in real estate.”

Roys’ wife Joan maintained an interest in the business until she passed on in 2001 and it is because of the long association and in honour of the Wellington family, that this room was named “ROYS ROOM” at a special dedication ceremony in 2003.

Barry and Kathleen decided to expand their real estate empire by acquiring Denmark Real Estate in June 2006 and opening another office Wellington & Reeves Great Southern in Mt Barker in December 2006, this business being sold in August 2013.

With growth in the local real estate market offering more opportunities for expansion, Rainbow Coast Realty was acquired in July 2011, providing another office located in York Street, Albany. The two businesses were subsequently merged in 2012 to improve operational efficiency.
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